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Birth and death

Under the W.B.M acts the civic bodies are empowered to register occurrence of birth and death of any nature and to issue certificate. This Municipality has computerized system to issue birth and death Certificate everyday at a cost.

For the baby who has born in the hospital or nursing homea) a) Application form for birth certificate.b) Photo copy of discharge certificate For the person who has expired at hospital or nursing homea) Death Certificate application form.a) Death Certificate application form.b) Doctor certificate.c) Cremation Certificate or Burial Certificate.d) Ration Card surrender Certificate

For the baby who has born in house:a) Birth Registration form.a) Birth Registration form.b) Birth Certificate application form.c) Doctor certificate.d) Ration Card’s Xerox copy of parents.

e) Polio Card Xerox.

For the person who has expired at homea) Death Registration form.a) Death Registration form.b) Death Certificate application form.c) Doctor certificate.d) Cremation Certificate or Burial Certificate.

e) Ration Card Surrender Certificate.

Registration Charges:

1) Registration within 0 to 21 days free of cost.
2) From 22 to 30 days registration fee @ Re 1.00 each
3) From 31 days to 365 days registration charges (With Notary Affidavit) @ Rs 2 each.
4) After 365 days registration should be done through Executive Magistrate @ Rs 10.00 each.

N.B: Administrative Charge for:-

  1.  Birth Certificate ordinary – Rs.50.00

                                           Tatkal    – Rs.100.00

  1.   Birth Certificate correction – Rs.100.00
  2.   Extra Birth Certificate – Rs. 100.00
  3.   Cremation Certificate – Rs.20.00
  4.   Cremation Certificate correction – Rs.20.00
  5.   Death Certificate – Rs. 50.00
  6.   Death Certificate correction – Rs.50.00
  7.   Extra Death Certificate – Rs.50.00


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